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Frequently asked Questions



What is the procedure to become a Winner’s Fried Chicken Licensee?

Step 1: Contact us (via Facebook Messenger, Email, Telephony, or WhatsApp) and let us know your intended business location.

Step 2: We will check out your intended location is not within 1KM of any current Winner’s Fried Chicken stalls.

Step 3: If your intended location is within 1KM of any current stalls under Winner’s Fried Chicken then we will advise you to find other locations. Back to Step 1.

Step 4: If the location is OK then you may proceed to sign the License Contract and pay the License Fee.

Step 5: Once the contract is signed and fee is paid, you may start ordering from us. You may either walk-in to purchase and self-collect or you may require us to arrange for third party lorry transport delivery (Delivery fee is applicable).

I wish to start the business however I don’t have experience in cooking/frying. Do you provide training?

For each new Licensees, we will distribute a detailed Frying Guide (softcopy) so you can read up and learn. You may then practise before you actually start the business. If you deem necessary for a training, we can arrange you to a suitable Winner’s Fried Chicken Stall and learn from the operator (Duration per training is about 2 hours, subject to availability and training fee is applicable).


How are locations evaluated to start up business?

It can be in any restaurants, kopitiams, night-markets, roadsides, inside food courts, or etc. Most important criteria are the place must have an ideal foot traffic (You wouldn’t want to operate a business in a secluded place, would you?) Usually, our current licensees operate in a place nearer to their residences for conveniences purpose. You’re strongly advised to do market research on your intended business location.

Is there any optimum time to open a business?

It depends. For example, if you operate in a night-market then of cause your business shall start from 4PM onwards. Likewise, if you operate inside a food court of a shopping mall then normally, you’re required to follow their operating hours.


How much is the initial capital required?

Basically, the initial capital requirement to start-up a Winner’s Fried Chicken stall is between RM2,000 to RM5,000. A person may start one stall at the roadside with less than RM2,000 using the most basic items. However, another person may start one inside a restaurant and he may opt for a better fryer hence his costs will be more.

What are the selling prices?

There’re no fixed selling prices. In other words, this business concept is flexible and we don’t control your selling prices; it is determined solely by yourself with due considerations on your costs of raw ingredients, rentals, target market, and etc.

Can I sell other food items?

Yes, you’re allowed.

I am an active Licensee in location A and there’s still another 3 more years before the contract expires. I’m starting an additional stall in location B next week and another one in location C soon. Do I need to sign another contract?

Yes, in fact a standard License Contract is applicable only for per stall and per location. Meaning if you’re a current active Licensee you should inform us of your plan to open additional stalls and its locations beforehand. We will need to approve the locations before you can confirm and go ahead. Also, the License Fee for each new stalls are applicable and payable to us.

What does royalty fee mean? How much is the royalty fee is required?

Unlike other brands or franchises, no royalty fee or A&P fee is required from you.

I am an active Licensee but I wish to retire. My worker has been very hardworking and loyal to me hence I intend to pass the business to him. Can you please update the License Contract?

For whatever reasons you cannot simply transfer your business to anyone. Normally, you need to inform us of your intention and we will reserve the rights to approve or not.

I wish to join as Licensee so I can start ordering the fried chicken flour to operate the hawker stall business. However, can I use my own brand name and logo?

NO. We only supply the fried chicken flour to our own hawker stall licensees that display our brand name and logo. However, we do allow co-branding; For examples, Chong Ah Fatt Winner’s Fried Chicken, Abu Siti Ayam Goreng Winner’s, Good Taste Winner’s Fried Chicken, Teluk Intan Winner’s Fried Chicken, and etc.


I am an operator and owner of a famous franchise with a few outlet eateries. I wish to purchase your Winner’s Fried Chicken Flour for my kitchen use but I don’t need to display your brand and logo. How?

YES. You may just purchase the flour from us. You don’t need to join as licensee as you already have your own branding. Further, you’re operating outlets rather than hawker stalls so there won’t be conflict of interest with our current licensees.

I want to buy your fried chicken flour in bulk. However, I live in Philippines so can you ship to us?

YES. We can quote you in F.O.B or C.I.F and export to your country. We suggest to you that perhaps you may want to purchase a small sample from us first before you commit to a bulk purchase.

Are all the hawker stalls under Winner’s Fried Chicken Halal certified?

NO. Halal certifications are usually given to outlets that met with their stringent and strict requirements. For hawker stalls (or gerai tepi jalan) as far as we are concerned non are Halal certified. However, please rest assured that the Winner’s Fried Chicken Flour is Halal certified by Jabatan Agama Islam Perak (JAIP).