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In the early 80s

Our founder, Madam Loh Ah Heng, started the business back in the early 1980’s.

It was meant as a side income business and the hawker stall concept was simple to operate and most importantly there weren’t many hawker businesses selling the same product. The location back then was at Kampung Simee, and the operating hours were from 5-12am daily.

Sales were brisk back then, the fried chicken has a distinctive taste (if not better or comparable to KFC or A&W’s) and over a short period of time, the business managed to build a name for itself. Promotion by mostly word of mouth, many people began to enquire the founder about the recipe to make this delicious fried chicken that Winner’s was selling.

Winners Fried Chicken

The Expansion

Being profitable had her thinking how to expand the business, whence the profit from one single stall is limited.

In 8th July 1987, Winner’s Fried Chicken Sdn Bhd was incorporated for the purpose of business expansion in two key areas – as a manufacturer to produce the fried chicken flour and to promote/manage the licensing of Winner’s hawker stall concept.

The reception was very encouraging as many people were attracted by the income prospect that a fried chicken stall business can generate.

In a short period of time there were many new fried chicken hawker stalls under the brand Winner’s appearing in many places throughout Malaysia.

The Business Model

The focus since the company incorporation was to increase the numbers of fried chicken stalls in Malaysia by promoting it as a business prospect with low capital to start-up.

The brand was associated with tasty and succulent fried chicken and generally Malaysians of all walks of life love the food. The brand unique identity (if compared to brands that sell the same product ‘Fried Chicken’) was the hawker-stall concept, which served fried chicken hassle-free.

Within a month of the company incorporation, plaque giving ceremony was organized to commemorate the first batch of Winner’s Licensees. During the event, many Winner’s fried chicken was prepared for members of the public to savour the delicacy – Indeed the fried chicken was very well-received!

Winners Fried Chicken