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The Company


Who We Are

We are ALL-PURPOSE FRIED CHICKEN FLOUR manufacturer located in an industrial area of Lahat, Perak that operates within the strict food safety requirements and is certified with Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACPP) by the reputable Sirim Qas International Sdn. Bhd.

We’re also the brand owner of Winner’s Fried Chicken® that is famous for fried chicken hawker stall concept; and ChickenLAH® which is a trendy fast food and kiosk concept that’s suitable for operation inside malls and shop lots.

Facebook User Review

Have been eating it since my childhood days. Awesome taste!
- Kisshen Kisshen -

Halalfoodmaster.com Buyer Review

Best-ever fried chicken flour, even my grandparent likes it alot!
- Carmen Cho -

What We Do

We manufacture our own secret recipe of the famous WINNER’S FRIED CHICKEN FLOUR, which are SIMPLE in preparation; CONSISTENT in texture; and DISTINCTIVE in quality.

We also offer brand licensing of Winner’s Fried Chicken Hawker Stall Concept, which are AFFORDABLE in capital requirement; SIMPLE to start-up; and FLEXIBLE in operation.

We supply the product to the local market consisting of brand licensees as well as non-licensees consisting of other famous food chains, restaurants, F&Bs eateries.

We also supply the product in retail packaging. It is sold on popular e-commerce platforms like Prestomall, Lazada, Halal Food Master, and Shopee. It is also available on selected physical convenience stores. We accept international purchases for home use in small quantities. Buyers who bought from other countries include but not limited to China, India, Dubai, Philippines, Indonesia, U.S.A, and etc.

We accept contract manufacturing for your own labels. We are also an exporter and is a member of MATRADE.


WFC being a sustainable and respected brand that is endeared by locally and globally.


To make continuous effort in promoting the brand and maintaining the distinctive quality of its products.

Loved by over Malaysians from all walks of life.