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Winner’s Fried Chicken


Winner's Fried Chicken Hawker Stall Licensing Concept

Winner’s Fried Chicken® (胜利家乡鸡) Hawker Stall Licensing is a concept that offers a brand and a platform for anyone who wants to operate a fried chicken business. The usual spots of this concept are mainly located in food courts, kopitiams, roadsides, night markets, and food trucks.

With a minimal capital requirement and a desire to be your own boss – you TOO can operate this hawker stall selling fried chicken using a brand that is popularly known across Malaysia and that has a proven recipe that can cook one of the best tasting fried chicken (if not the best) that ALL WALKS OF LIFE OF FRIED CHICKEN LOVERS WILL LOVE!

Since 1987, Winner’s Fried Chicken® (胜利家乡鸡) is one of pioneer brand in hawker stall selling fried chicken and up until now it is still the preferred brand because of the three points of competitive edge:

SIMPLE to start-up

Find an ideal location for your stall. Get in touch with us and we will let you know if you can proceed with the location.

FLEXIBLE in operation

As a licensee of the brand, you’re allowed to set your own selling prices according to your target market and area. You’re also allowed to source your own suppliers and to sell other food items as you wish besides fried chicken. Basically, there’s not much restrictions in operation of your fried chicken stall.

AFFORDABLE in capital requirement

A minimum License Fee will apply. Other than that, there’re no requirements of paying to us (brand licensor) the monthly royalty fee, advertising or sales percentage sharing.

The brand name and logo of Winner’s Fried Chicken® is trademarked under the classes of 30 & 35 with Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia. Any uses of the brand name and logo without our approval & consent to operate similar fried chicken or similar food business is not permitted at all.